Sulawesi that is formerly known as the Celebes is one of the islands in Indonesia that is situated between Borneo and Maluku Islands. This island is the world's eleventh largest island that covers a total area of 174,600 square kilometers.

There are lots of amazing things to see in the island including many bird species that brings vibrancy to the island. With the many species that lives in the island, it was made a subject for the Ecoregional Conservation assessment of the country that coordinates with the local Nature Conservancy. This was because the vegetation of the island is very fertile and lots of crops are being planted here that gives the country a high gross profit.

Marine life is also fruitful with the lots underwater and marine life that lives in the island. There are unique and unusual underwater inhabitants that make the waters rich and colorful with lots of varieties of fishes and also reefs that lie below the sea. Some of these underwater species have become very famous all throughout the world. They have become one of the most beautiful freshwater shrimp species that are found which are not found anywhere else in the world. These shrimp are found only in some definite lakes in Sulawesi, making them even rarer.

There are also freshwater snails that are common in Sulawesi and are very beautiful. These snails and shrimp coming Sulawesi have made a brilliant addition to many freshwater aquarium collectables. Although, one must pay careful attention to these animals to preserve and keep these species together with many others, because of the small environment and single environment it has, it is very important that all freshwater species from Sulawesi are being conserved correctly.

These are the wonderful facts and interests that are there in Indonesia's Sulawesi Islands. Visit this island to have more information and explore the other wonders of this island that is waiting to be discovered. A visit here is very ideal for family trips that can be both fun and educational learning the various ways in how to conserve and protect the endangered species in our own countries.

Visit here any time of the year and enjoy the wonders and beauty that the Sulawesi has to offer.

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